Dealer Smart Appointments

Built in booking functionality for Sales, Service or Parts. Booking appointments just got it easier.

Dealer Driven Appointments. Setup Made Easy

Choose Service and Providers
Set Required & Custom Columns
Indicated Working Hours & Days Off
Configure Additional Settings
Complete Setup & Open Settings

Booking Appointments. Must Have Features

General Setup

Add vital details such as business days, working hours, days off, and the services you provide.

Days Off  Add holidays and rest dats to the schedule.
Set Working Hours  Adjust the default schedule for all of your services in one place. You can always edit them later if needed.
Multiple Services  No matter how many services you provide, you can add them all to the appointments plugin, configuring individual duration, price and other parameters.
Customize labels  Easily change default weekdays and month labels.

Advanced Options

Set waiting time between services, maximum capacity per certain services, and payment information.

Wait Time  Arrange the wait time before/after service appointments.
Minimum Booking Time Requirement  Define requirements for bookings to avoid last-minute bookings.
Single Forms  Create single pages for services where the current service is set by default and obtain the appointment functionality in a simple way.
Capacity  Set the maximum capacity per any given service.

Manage Appointments. Clean Dashboard

View the essentials on every scheduled appointment, add new ones, edit their data, and delete them if necessary.


Filter the requests by Service, Provider, and Status. You can also search for appointments by Date and meta fields.

Visualize the schedule as you please – decide between the JetAppointment’s List, Calendar, and Timeline views.

Enables booking several appointments at different times and different days.

Appointments Booking Forms. Create & Configure

Display the appointments as a self-explanatory listing. Use the Listing Grid and Dynamic Field widgets to output the essential details.

Mix, match, and configure any field types, use manual input and dynamic meta-contents to build a workable form.

Set up the requested notification types like Insert appointment, Redirect to Page, Send Email, etc. to ensure the services are booked smoothly.

Let your clients book the services they need right from the Provider’s single page.

Tune the front-end display of the available providers and services by creating and applying templates to the Provider/Service fields.

Use this option to separate the Form blocks on the Appointments page.