Dealer Smart Filters

Advanced search filters to give users a better
car shopping experience.

Dealer Driven Filters. Filtering Made Easy

User Friendly
Vehicle search made easy for a better car buying experience for your customers.
Customize all search filter settings and design for the best user experience.
Mix and match 18 filter types to achieve any desired search filter hierarchy.
Page Compatible

Add search filters on any part or page of your dealership website.

Search Filtering. Made User Friendly


Display Results Smartly

Showcase only relevant selections for your users. Want to take it a step ahead, try the counter option to indicate the number of vehicles in each category.

Faceted Search System

Adjusted Filtering Logic

Allow your customers to apply multiple filters, while displaying specific and relevant options to better suite their needs and make car searching more user friendly.

Advanced Search System

Dynamic Filtering

All search filters are AJAX powered and reload instantly, giving users a smooth on-page operation and enhanced user experience.

Selective Search

Hierarchy Filtering

Combine several filters into one hierarchy to show a relevant path. Conveniently organize the category filter and it’s subcategories.

Boost Search Experience

Additional Providers

Calibrate your filters so they interplay with the main and additional providers on pages with a search widget.

Discover Filters. 15 Filtering Widgets

Sorting Filter

Rating Filter

Visual Filter Widget

Search Filter Widget

Radio Filter Widget

Date Range Widget

Check Range Widget

Range Filter Widget

Select Filter Widget

Checkboxes Filter

Date Period Filter

Alphabet Filter